Sunshine and Barn Doors


It’s been many days since we last posted and thought we’d start off with the finished product of a picture we teased you with earlier. This custom barn-style door is made from reclaimed Red Pine floor boards from a century home near downtown. The boards were selected out of a lot that was kept and then painstakingly inspected for old nails, staples, fasteners, etc., left from their many years of service. That being said, we still went through a set of planer blades bring them down to size. Some careful layout and measuring fit this beautiful piece into the opening and carried on the rustic decor throughout the home.

As the weather starts to take a turn for the better, we’re looking towards spring scheduling. With a couple big projects in the works already, make sure you get in touch with us soon to book your spring refresh projects!

Framing in the Fall is much nicer


The weather was finally nice to us for an outside job with crisp air and changing colours, though we worked through a shower or two. We let 2x4s into the framing to give us something to fix the board and batten to and used rough pine for the siding from Ennotville.

Reclaimed windows that somehow matched the stain colour perfectly, gable vents and a custom door finished off this great garden shed.


New oak for an old house

Whiteley Threshold.jpg

This week we finished repairs on the original front door threshold for one of the oldest cottages in Guelph. As you can see in the top picture, the old one was quite far gone to the point that we couldn’t determine with certainty what it was originally(though we suspect cherry). That being said, we wanted to put something in that would stand the test of time. So we took a trip to our new favourite place, Maple Haven Sawmill near Ingersoll, and picked up 4 feet of beautiful 8/4 x 12 red oak. A little planing, and some fancy saw work got us the threshold, two transition pieces and some oak wedges to fit it perfectly into the space for the old one.

Making something like this fit into an old home can be finnicky at times but the results are spectacular in our opinion.

Cedar in the (almost)Fall

IMAG0764[1].jpgToday we finished replacing the pre-existing deck with this tidy looking cedar number. I’m sure I’m not the only one who just loves the smell of cedar, particularly when it’s combined with cool September air and just the right amount of sun.

We’re pushing on through rain and shine to complete our outdoor projects before the weather starts to turn so get in touch now for those last minute exterior upgrades!